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How do I download my purchased files?

After you have purchased your file, you will receive 2 emails from us, one will be a receipt for your transaction, and the other will contain a link to download your file (it make take a few minutes to receive the download email). You can also download your files from your account area using the steps below:


Step1: Click the Account link in the upper right hand corner of the page.


Step 2: At the bottom of your account page, find your Order History, and click on the order number.

Step 3: On the order page, next to the Fulfilled date, click the (download here) link.

Step 4:  On the File Download page, click the Download button.


Please note: You only have 3 download attempts before you can no longer download a product. Be sure to save and backup your purchased files.


Do you sell exclusive meshes, and if so, how can I buy one?

We do not sell exclusive meshes per se. If you want to be the only owner of a mesh, or want to make it more limited than it is, you can simply buy more than one copy. All of our IMVU meshes are limited to 12 copies, and each product pages shows how many are left in stock. When you add the product to your cart, simply increase the amount you want to buy, and the amount available will go down. Once all copies are sold, the product will no longer be available for purchase.

Why do I have to give you my private information, and what do you do with it?

All personal information, including your name, phone number, email address, and shipping address are kept private. Mirror Image Stock will never share or sell any of your data. We collect this information only to verify your identity, and protect ourselves against fraud. We do however use some 3rd party applications on our site, that may have access to some of your information, such as your email address. Please visit their website to find out more about their privacy policy.

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I don't like my product, can I get my money back?

Unfortunately, no. We do not offer returns on file purchases. If there is a problem with your file, we will do everything in our power to fix it. And only as a last resort will we issue a refund. Otherwise, all sales are final.


Your basic HD Meshes for IMVU say they are sold “As Is”, and will not be edited in the future due to clipping, what exactly does this mean?

Because of the amount of products in the IMVU catalog that the mesh will come in contact with, it is impossible for us to test for mesh “clipping” (when a piece of the mesh pokes through another piece, usually in poses, or while dancing) with all of them.

Therefore we will not be fixing any extra clipping that you may discover after buying the mesh. If you are concerned about clipping, you can always try on the mesh using the link on the product page, and test it yourself with your favorite avatar, dance, pose, or product. In addition, we will not be able to fix meshes that break due to IMVU core program changes.

This said, if there is a major issue with the mesh, that makes it unusable, please contact us at, and we will do our best to fix it as soon as possible.


I have bought one of your Basic HD Meshes for IMVU and would like to add some other sleeve options, do you sell the sleeves separately?

YES! You can find addon sleeves for the Basic HD Meshes here.


I have bought one of your Basic HD Meshes for IMVU and would like to add some other dress options, do you sell the dresses separately?

Unfortunately, no. If you want another dress option, you will have to buy another full Basic HD Mesh. You can find them here.


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